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The Aiki Institute of Spokane

The Aiki Institute of Spokane is dedicated to the teachings of Aikido and its philosophy of cooperative peaceful living and personal character development both on and off the mat.

On the mat, at Roshinkan Aikido Dojo, we offer traditional instruction in the powerful martial art of Aikido as developed by Morihei Ueshiba (O’Sensei) and following the instructional methodology developed by Toyoda Shihan.  We are affiliated with the Aikido World Alliance (AWA) whose chief instructor, Andrew Sato sensei, was a long time student of Toyoda Shihan.  Through the AWA we are associated with Hombu dojo, world headquarters of Aikido in Tokyo, Japan.

Children’s Aikido (ages 6-14)

Aikido with emphasis on cooperation, compassion, and mind set. Students will learn techniques to give them a solid foundation in Aikido. Activities are age appropriate, engaging, and fun.  read more

Adult Aikido (ages 14 and up)

Traditional Aikido training building on a foundation of strong, clean, basic technique.All aspects including multiple attackers, weapons, awareness, and philosophy, are explored giving the student the opportunity to forge their spirit. read more

Other Offerings

We offer self-defense programs for those who work in fields where they are exposed to the dangers of an uncertain world.  Aikido offers options that are appropriate and compassionate, while seeking to maintain personal safety.

Off the mat we bring specialized training opportunities to many who would not normally choose to join us on the mat.  We offer individually tailored workshops in the areas of team development, conflict management, communications skills, community building,relationship development, centering, potential development, and,creativity, to name a few.  If you have an idea or need for a training we can develop it.

We reach out to the community by our volunteer activities and by working with others in the Spokane area to build, beautify, and support the neighborhoods we live in.

Enjoy your exploration of our web site.  We include our newsletter articles online now, offering a more timely, interactive way to explore the teachings of Aikido and the meaning of budo in our lives today.  Have an article of your own or an idea for one please submit it to us by emailing, articles@aikispokane.com

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Stay current and informed at our events and announcements page.

Please come back often and share this with your friends and acquaintances as we work to create a community that is sustainable, peaceful, and engaging.

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