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Building a Civil Society with Martial Arts Training

“F**k you!” My Monday morning greeting from a third grader I was meeting for the first time as the substitute teacher in a suburban mid-west town.  I was struck by the intensity of his emotions. His face contorted with anger, body tensed with fear. What could cause such a reaction from an 8 year old? What was going on in his life that this was his way of communicating? How did he learn this behavior? How as a society have we allowed this behavior to become more and more common?

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Adult Class

Traditional Aikido training for Adults

Enjoy the benefits of the regular physical exercise Aikido provides along with the mental challenge and increased mindfulness  that comes with our practice. Aikido is at once graceful and powerful, enhancing the students balance and strength. We train in empty hand (buki waza) technique as well as weapons (tachi waza) technique.

4 Week Basics Program

For the new student an opportunity to get a feel for the basic movements and principles of Aikido.  Emphasis is on safe falling (ukemi), stretching, proper stance, movement (tai sabaki) and basic technique (kihon waza).  New students must complete a four week program of Aikido Basics before entering the ongoing Aikido classes.  Ongoing students are encouraged to participate in Aikido Basics to build a strong foundation.

Ongoing Members

Ongoing members enjoy a full schedule of class times held six days a week. Students will be guided using the teaching methodology followed by the chief instructor of the AWA Andrew Sato, shihan. With dilligent, consistent, thoughtful practice the student will see progress both in their own selves and in recognition of rank.

Fee for 4 week introductory period $65
Adult Ongoing Class open to all ranks after completing the 4 week intro-course.
Fee $85 per month



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