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Aikido At Work

How can an Aikido class for your office help at work? What might the benefits of an entire department, work group or agency training in Aikido be? While teaching in Chicago we had a software company that encouraged their employees to participate in a company sponsored Aikido class held twice a week during an extended lunch period.


What did these people exchange their lunch hour for? They built a very high functioning team. They learned to communicate better. They laughed (a lot) together. They learned to support each other. They challenged their limits. They stretched and worked out their tension. They returned to their office energized, with a connection to each other that could not have been made through the partitions of their cubicles or email exchanges that made up their work day. A fair exchange.

What did the company receive? More productive workers. A happier work place. Less sick time. A good investment.

Looking at a recent poll by Money magazine regarding the best places to work one thing that stands out is that companies that take care of their employees by investing in programs that support healthy living and respect the personal development of staff outside of the office are reaping the rewards of staff retention, greater production and employee buy in. How can your company benefit by supporting training such as Aikido, Yoga, Qi Gong? How can your company become more productive by providing personal and professional coaching, training opportunities, and family support services?

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