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Aikido Is For You

The art of Aikido is a dynamic martial art that is very appropriate for our time. Aikido techniques allow us to use a measured response in dealing with conflict.  A system that uses joint locks, pins, throws, and strikes to defend against a variety of attacks and levels of intensity.  We practice in a traditional way to sharpen our minds, strengthen our bodies, and refine our spirit.  We practice in cooperation to support the students personal growth.  Etiquette is as much a part of our training as is any technique.

Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969), referred to as O’Sensei, is the founder of Aikido. A powerful martial artist, O’Sensei, through his physical practice and his deep spiritual quest, saw the immense power and profound understanding available in the act of blending. This understanding led to the development of a remarkably powerful combat art, that sought to“fit in” with the attack rather than clashing with it. This art has transformed to become the way to harmony, “The Art of Peace”.

As we practice the techniques of this powerful martial art we learn a practical form of self-defense. Through the continual practice we cultivate mindulness in our daily lives. The physical training teaches us how to have a more postitive engagement with our everyday non-physical conflicts. Through Aikido we learn a more holistic approach to defending ourselves from emotional, mental, and physical attacks.

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