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Aikido is a practice that can be started at anytime of your life and can be continued throughout your life. Through the intentional practice we explore physically, mentally, and spiritually, what it means to harmonize with energy.

We find the natural, spiral movements of the body help to stretch us, strengthen us, and balance us. As we continue to explore the movements we begin to understand how the lessons in the dojo are lessons of living a peaceful and constructive life. We feel the power of harmonizing and creating rather than fighting and destroying.

Aikido has been described as moving meditation, therapeutic, empowering, relaxing, energizing, challenging, fun, and yes it is a powerful martial art, all of this is true. What Aikido is for you will depend on where you are in your journey and what you bring to the table. We take that and grow from there.

Join us on the mat to begin your exploration of Aikido. You are welcome to visit us to watch class and discuss your place in our dojo. Better yet wear loose fitting clothes you can move around in, and jump into class. Classes are for adults and teens, only, at this time. Keep an eye here for information on other upcoming classes.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7:00pm-8:30pm Please arrive 10 minutes early

The Clutch 1507 E. Sprague Spokane WA

We ask that all students show proof of Covid 19 Vaccination.